Songs by Evan Stephens Hall
Except Alcove, by Evan Stephens Hall with Josh Marré

Evan Stephens Hall – vocals, guitar, piano, percussion
Zack Levine – drums, vocals, percussion
Josh Marré – bass guitar, guitar, lap steel, vocals
Nick Levine – guitar, pedal steel, baritone guitar, vocals
Sam Skinner – guitar, synth
Nandi Rose – vocals, piano, synth
Doug Hall – piano, vocals
Michael William Levine – pedal steel

Produced by Sam Skinner & Evan Stephens Hall
Mixed by Sam Skinner with Evan Stephens Hall, Zack Levine, Nick Levine
Recorded in Amperland, NY from may 2018 – february 2019
thank you

Release Date
January 17th, 2020