Hello & Welcome to Amperland: a complete, entire, exhaustive, all-in-one, not-from-concentrate, extremely thorough, full, unabridged & certainly not abbreviated interactive hub for all things Pinegrove. You are invited to thumb through these archives, peel back the layers, & explore the 10+ years of digitized history. You’ll find live recordings, setlists, demos, videos, photos, interviews, musical notations, fragments, marginalia, covers, ideas, & most importantly… community!

The ampersand (&) has become for us a symbol of an inclusive & adventurous attitude. It’s the grand connective (this & this & that)! As such, we feel it’s the perfect emblem for this project. We are inspired by a creative commons/ copy-left ethos & consequently it’s our intention to extend an attitude of radical accessibility to every corner of the project. Whether it’s the release of our stems & tabs to encourage re-visionings of our songs, or the use of the open-source platform Discourse to encourage collaborative programming, it’s our hope that as this project grows we can involve anyone who’s interested in building & maintaining the website through a community-based approach.

This project at its best might serve as a rebuttal to corporate visions like facebook who have profited massively through the disrespectful handling of our private data. Moving forward, feel free to consider this a (strictly not- for-profit) floor-plan website for any band to take whatever aspects they like & for all music lovers to build an engaging remote non-corporate sanctuary.